Image of a communication passport Helping your carers to understand how you communicate e.g. a Communication Passport
Image of a lady doing sign language Helping you learn new communication skills. 

Giving advice or training in specific communication strategies e.g. intensive interaction, makaton signing. 

Image of a visual timetable Helping you to understand what is happening in your life, like time and routines e.g visual timetables.
Image of a man with a communication aid Helping you to get your message across or make choices e.g. communication aid or communication book. 


Image of a man thinking about good and bad Supporting you to understand about getting on with people and making good choices e.g social stories. 
Image of an information leaflet Helping you to understand information for an important decision about your life or your health. 
Image of a woman and a man talking Helping you understand and talk about how you like people to communicate with you.