Compassion for Mums Well-being’ scheme

New mums have welcomed the launch of a scheme which encourages businesses and community settings to provide a welcoming and friendly environment for women to go to, who have recently given birth, as many new mums can feel lonely, anxious or experience low mood.

The aim of Care Trust’s ‘Compassion for Mums Well-being’ scheme is to make locations in Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven, including cafes, museums and libraries, a place where every mum feels welcome to go to with their baby. Many women feel nervous about going out in public with their babies and may choose not to, leading to social isolation and impacting negatively on their emotional wellbeing.

By signing up to the scheme businesses and organisations can help show they welcome and support new mums and their families by displaying an easily recognisable Compassion for Mums Well-being sticker.  Signing up is easy, email to register your interest and join the scheme or to nominate a venue. To find out more visit the webpage.