Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust will be thanking the many service users, patients and carers who give up their time to contribute to the Trust’s work on Wednesday 12 December.

The Trust has invited 40 members of the local community who are involved in Trust work to an afternoon tea at Bradford Hotel, in recognition of their valuable contribution.

The Care Trust’s Patient Involvement and Experience Team works with people from across the Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven areas that have chosen to be actively involved in Trust projects.

These people draw on their own experiences of using Trust services to advise and suggest improvements. The Trust uses this valuable feedback when implementing developments, to help shape its services to ensure they meet the needs of the community.

There are many ways that members of the community can become involved in shaping Trust work, from developing information leaflets to attending meetings and participating in staff recruitment. Some of the projects that people have been able to contribute to over the last 12 months have included implementing name badges for all people using Trust services who are doing Trust work; participating in an action group to continue to develop the Trust’s MyWellbeing College service; and being involved in the recruitment and selection of new Trust Board members.

The Care Trust’s Patient Experience Lead, Isla Skinner, said: “The contributions we receive from the people who choose to become involved in Trust services are invaluable. This feedback allows us to continually ensure that the care we provide meets the needs of our local communities, and equally importantly, that the people we serve have a voice in how we deliver care.”