The falls team from Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust is urging people to follow top tips and advice to help prevent falls this winter.

The risk of falling increases as people get older and having a fall can cause problems which can have an impact on quality of life, such as sprains and fractures, or even a loss of confidence.

Winter weather increases the risk of falls because wet leaves, snow, rain and ice can all make the ground slippery underfoot. The Care Trust is raising awareness around falls and how they can be prevented on its new ‘stay well’ web pages. The Trust’s falls prevention team has put together some easy-to-read information, guides and videos aimed at older people and those with reduced mobility to help them reduce their risk of falling.

Some of the advice can be put into practice immediately, such as making sure glasses are smudge-free, wearing the correct shoes and making sure that there are no tripping hazards such as rugs or loose wires in the home.

Other tips include eating a balanced diet with plenty of calcium and vitamin D to promote bone health, staying as active as possible and doing strength and balance exercises. People are urged to speak to their GP or district nurse if they feel like they might be at risk of falling and would like further support.

Sharon Bond, Falls Prevention Team Leader at the Trust, said: “Winter can be a difficult time for older people or those that struggle with mobility, so it’s important that everyone can access this advice to help them stay on their feet when out and about or at home. The new web pages contain a short video with lots of practical advice that people can easily follow at home to help reduce their risk of falling.”

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