Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust has received high scores from patients for the third year running in the system that assesses the quality of the hospital environment.

Figures released today shows the Care Trust has scored above the national average in four areas of the PLACE (patient-led assessments of the care environment) assessment.

11 assessors, made up of service users, relatives, carers, and patient advocates, carried out assessments between March – May 2015. They gave scores and comments on all areas of the care environment at Lynfield Mount Hospital, Daisy Hill House, Airedale Centre for Mental Health and Ward 24 at Airedale Hospital.

The annual assessment looks at cleanliness, the quality and availability of food and drink, how well the building meets the needs of the people who use it, including signage and car parking facilities and how well the environment protects people’s privacy and dignity.

For the first time PLACE assessors also considered how dementia friendly the patient environment is. This focused on flooring, decor and signage, but also included such things as availability of handrails and appropriate seating which can help those who have dementia.

One assessor said:  ‘I would be confident in bringing my mother here. It’s a homely, friendly ward.’

Andrew Morris, Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities said: “Having a safe, clean and comfortable environment can make a huge difference in helping service users to feel better. We are very pleased our PLACE results are telling us we are achieving this. We know there are always further improvements we can make and will consider the recommendations of the assessors to see how these can be best met.”

A local improvement plan will be available on the Trust’s website in the coming weeks which takes into account assessors’ requirements. The Trust will explain in the plan how it intends to use the PLACE findings to drive further environmental improvements.


PLACE 2015 Results
Cleanliness Food & Hydration Privacy, Dignity and Wellbeing Condition Appearance and Maintenance Dementia
National Average 97.57% 88.93% 86.03% 90.11% 74.51%
Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust Overall 96.55% 98.98% 90.03% 96.38% 79.19%
Lynfield Mount Hospital 96.50% 99.23% 89.05% 96.72% 79.97%
Daisy Hill House 98.41% 99.31% 91.94% 100.00% 87.12%
Airedale General Hospital (Airedale Centre Mental Health, Ward 24) 96.43% 98.56% 91.36% 95.45% 77.13%