Following its governor election for the Bradford South constituency, which ended on Thursday 5 September, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust has announced who will sit on its Council of Governors.

As the public governor election was uncontested, the Bradford South constituency did not go to ballot. The two successful candidates are Joyce Thackwray and Stan Clay.

The new governors meet some of the Board as part of their induction and will officially take up their posts on Friday 6 September, when they will join the existing public, staff and appointed governors currently in post.

Their role will be to represent the views of local people about the Trust’s services and contribute to plans at Council of Governor meetings. The elections also welcome one non-clinical and two new clinical staff member governors to the Council of Governors.

Governors have several statutory duties, including the appointment of external auditors, appointment of non-executive directors, including the chair, and agreeing their levels of remuneration, the new governors’ terms of office will be for three years.

Paul Hogg, the Trust’s Director of Corporate Affairs, said: “We’d like to thank everyone who showed an interest in becoming a governor of our Trust for the Bradford South constituency. Our Council of Governors has a crucial role in connecting with our communities, as they represent the views of local people and give them a voice, providing us with a vital link to the people we serve. I’d like to congratulate the two successful candidates who will be joining the Trust; they possess valuable experience and knowledge that will be useful to the Trust. The Board and senior leadership team look forward to working closely with them.”

Members of the public who wish to share their thoughts about Trust services can contact their local governor by emailing