Foundation trusts are still part of the NHS. They still have NHS inspections and standards to meet. As a foundation trust we remain committed to working in line with the NHS principles of free care, based on need and not the ability to pay. Being a foundation trust means we have a real opportunity to better plan your services now and in the future.

What does it mean for me?

As a foundation trust, we are accountable to you. Your conversations with us have an importance never seen before. That’s because you are able to suggest (through your Governor) ideas for changes and improvements which will be heard by people at the highest level of the organisation. So by becoming a member, you have an opportunity to tell us how to make our services better.

How will it work?

As a Foundation Trust we have:

  • Members – Joining as a member is free and means we will update you on our plans. It’s up to you how involved you become. Some members want to be kept informed about our services and plans whilst others want to get more involved and become Governors. You’ll have the opportunity to have your say about who from the membership stands on your behalf as a Governor.
  • A Council of Governors – Representing our members, Governors hold the Trust Board to account for its decisions. They will also put forward ideas about a range of issues and influence important service changes and future developments.
  • A Board of Directors – Making important decisions on the overall plans and day-to-day running of the organisation. The Board is held to account by the Council of Governors and in turn our members.
Foundation trust organisation chart
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