Thirty seven year old Andrew Wild has experienced low mood at various points during his life, this coupled with the recent death of his mother-in-law led to feelings of low mood and anxiety.

Andrew decided to seek support and benefited from enrolling on a talking therapies course, available through the MyWellbeing College, leading to Andrew getting back on track with his mental health, all because he found time to talk.

Elaborating further Andrew explained: “I first sought help because my mood had got really low.  My love for everything had disappeared and everything seemed like a chore.  I was also getting very snappy.  I didn’t value myself; I was at a low point and I didn’t know how to get out of that mind-set and everything seemed to spiral. After a few weeks I realised that I needed some help to get myself out of the hole I was in.”

Crediting chatting to friends, alongside trained professionals, has really helped Andrew manage low mood.  Andrew said: “The course has helped me talk over things and put things into perspective and because you’re in a one-to-one you can bear your soul in that room.  To have that communication with someone who’s impartial from family and friends, someone I could talk to about anything, really helped me to get to the root of the problem. It’s like your talking to a friend because of the relationship that you’re building over the weeks.  It enables you to be honest and talk through things and for me that’s the biggest thing.  You’ve got to talk – completing the course has resulted in me having a new look on life, a confidence with a happiness that I am doing well because of the tools that have been given to me on the course.”

Alongside the talking therapies course Andrew was offered a range of learning opportunities, available through MyWellbeing College, to suit his needs including online courses that he was able to complete in the comfort of his own home and mindfulness which demonstrates how to “just be” in the present moment, giving him the tools he needed  to help better manage life’s ups and downs.

Andrew would like to encourage more people to seek support and talk about mental health, to help people understand they are not alone.  Andrew said: “At first I felt like I didn’t want to chat to friends but then I realised after I’d been on the course that you need to chat to friends.  You need to be honest and be able to say to your best friend ‘I’m not good today, I don’t feel well today, I feel sad, I feel upset.’ That friend will help you, that friend will be there to pick you up and be there to listen, give advice and understand.  You have to help yourself by talking; it’s a good to talk.”

To see a video of Andrew talking about his experience of mental health and the support that has helped him get his mental health back on track visit our webpage.

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