The primary aim of research is to derive ‘new generalisable knowledge.’  To help you define whether your project is research, service evaluation or audit, please consult the document below:
Types of research, service evaluation and audit with contacts.

Is my project Research? Guidance and a decision tool to determine if your project is research and requires Research Ethics Committee review. More detailed guidance can be found here.

If it is a Service Evaluation piece of work please register with Audit by completing the Service evaluation registration form.

You can then write your research proposal. We’ve written some guidance on Writing your research proposal link which you might find useful.  For all other support and guidance, please use the links below to take you to relevant information. Visit the Policies and procedures page.

Pages for approved Trust documents:

Initial guidances for students

Glossary of definitions

Detailed information for Researchers:

Obtaining approval for your project

Obtaining ethical approval

UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research

Clinical trial regulations

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training

MRC principles and guidelines

Research funding

Public involvement in research

Obtaining sponsorship from the Trust

Research staffing

Calculate how many patients/participants you need in a study

Consent and patient information guidance

How to write your proposal

How to apply for CLRN support for your research project


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