We publish various corporate documents on an annual or one-off basis including our Annual Report and Accounts, Quality Account, Annual Review and Quality Account Executive Summary. Please select from the list below for further details.

Care Trust Times

The newspaper updates our Members on the Trust’s plans for the coming year. It gives a headline view of our quality goals and key service developments and what they mean for local communities, with supporting stories about our services. The newspaper also outlines how Members can get involved in the Trust’s work.

Shining Bright is now published on the internal staff intranet site for staff only.

Care Trust Times ‘Shining Bright’ online 2019-2020

Care Trust Times ‘Shining Bright’ Online 2018

Quality Account Executive Summary

Our Quality Account Executive Summary is a shorter version of our Quality Accounts document – to help you understand what we are doing well, where improvements in our service quality are needed and what our priorities are for the year ahead.

Quality Account Executive Summary 2013-2014
Quality Account Executive Summary 2012-2013
Quality Account Executive Summary 2011-2012
Quality Account Executive Summary 2010-2011
Quality Account Executive Summary 2009-2010

Annual Review

Our annual review is a shorter version of our Annual Report and Accounts document – a snapshot of a year in the life of our Trust.

Annual Review – Your Health Magazine Sept 2015
Annual Review 2013-2014
Annual Review 2012-2013
Annual Review 2011-2012

Trust Constitution

Our Constitution sets out a number of rules which we must abide by.    These relate to our membership and elections, the Council of Governors, the Board of Directors, our Annual Report and Accounts and the registers that we must maintain.

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