Climate change is a threat to our health as well as our planet: our local and the global environment is changing, and the pace of change is accelerating. This has consequences for our patients, staff and the wider NHS. In recognition of this, NHS England set up the Greener NHS programme to reduce the impact of the NHS on public health and the environment, save money and achieve net zero carbon.

To support the Greener NHS, BDCFT has a Board approved Green Plan, the aim of which is to be recognised as a leader in sustainability and environmental improvements within the NHS and our local community.

Our Green Plan objectives are to:

  1. embed a Trust-wide approach to sustainability
  2. consider the environmental impacts of everything we do
  3. reduce carbon emissions
  4. reduce consumption and waste
  5. make a positive impact on our people and communities.

Our Green Plan has targets to help achieve the objectives.

To achieve these objectives, we need the support of the whole Trust to follow key principles.

Our plans and response will adapt as care models and working methods change, but our ambitions will not waiver. We will report our progress to the Board and publicly in our Annual Report.

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If you have any questions about sustainability at BDCFT, please contact the Energy, Waste and Sustainability Manager

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