This section provides information held in registers required by law and other lists and registers relating to the functions of the authority.

Please see the registers of our Board members’ and Council of Governors’ private interests.

Interests register

Every year the taxpayer entrusts NHS organisations with over £110 billion to care for millions of people. This money must be spent well, free from undue influence. To deliver high quality and innovative care organisations need to work collaboratively with each other, local authorities, industry and other public, private and voluntary bodies. Partnership working brings many benefits, but also creates the risk of conflicts of interest.  All Trust workers are asked to use their common sense and judgement to consider whether the interests they have could affect the way taxpayers’ money is spent, and regularly consider what interests they have and declare these as they arise.

Declarations may include any number of common situations but will include gifts, hospitality, outside employment, clinical private practice and donations.  Some staff are more likely than others to have a decision making influence on the use of taxpayers’ money, because of the requirements of their role. Because of their influence in the spending of taxpayers’ money staff are prompted to update their declarations of interest, or make a nil return annually.  A copy of that Register is available here.

How we make our decisions

Information on our Trust Board and its decision making groups

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