Compliments during COVID-19

As a Trust we believe that feedback is important. Below are some of the compliments received from service users, carers, patients and families for services in Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust.

If you would like to contact us you can email, use our online feedback form or contact us by phone (01274 251440).

Image of patient with text reading: compliments - Learning Disability Community teams #StillHereToHelp "As a carer, I just wanted to share how much I enjoy bringing XX here. Its so professional and a lovely atmosphere from start to finish. I also would like to express how fantastic YY is and how he is always on hand and ready to help if needed and how he makes our visits so much easier with his help."

Image of mug with text: Compliments - Moorlands View, Baildon Ward #StillHereToHelp "Thank you to all staff on Baildon Ward and especially to XX for taking very good care of me during my stay. It was hard at first but then it got better."






Image of elderly mans hands with text: Compliments, Community Mental Health team #StillHereToHelp "Thank you for all of your support, it's been really helpful and I'm very grateful."Image of woman on phone with text: Compliments, Airedale Centre for Mental Health, Bracken Ward #StillHereToHelp "Family have provided feedback on how care staff welcomed XX to the ward, how this was done in a caring and compassionate way, especially with welcoming arms (please thank the staff member). Family have reported feeling less anxious about XX's stay and how staff on the ward communicated effectively, in a professional manner, relieving any worries they had, prior to admission. They also commented on the ward and its layout, stating it was a very welcoming environment and knew that XX would be taken good care of whilst she is there."











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