Our Trust Board is made up of a Chairperson, Non-Executive Directors, Chief Executive and Executive Directors.  Our Chief Executive and Executive Directors also work within the Trust, while our Non-Executive Directors do not. This helps us to ensure that our Board contains the skills and knowledge needed to develop strategies and plans which meet the needs of those people that experience our services.   The Board also:

  • Sets the overall strategic direction of the Trust.
  • Regularly monitors our performance against our goals.
  • Provides effective financial stewardship by ensuring that the Trust delivers services efficiently and effectively, taking into account value for money, financial control and financial planning.
  • Ensures that the Trust provides high quality, effective services.
  • Promotes good communication with the people that we serve.

You can find out more about our Board members by visiting the Board biographies page.

About our Board

Board Members’ Declaration of Conflicts of Interests.

The Board of Directors and employees of the Trust operate in accordance with the agreed Standing Financial Instructions and Scheme of Delegation, which are reviewed annually.  Read our latest Board papers.

The Board is committed to conducting its business in an open and transparent way. The majority of Board business will therefore be carried out in public. Items will automatically be listed for inclusion in the public agenda unless the test outlined below indicates debate in a closed session is required.

Meetings closed to the public will be to consider items that are not suitable for debate in public at the time of the meeting (or at all) such as (but not limited to):

  • Issues which are commercially sensitive or may negatively impact upon the trust’s commercial interests.
  • Reports containing personal information that would breach the Trust’s duty of confidentiality e.g identification of patients or staff.
  • Information obtained or provided in confidence.
  • Items which are professionally or legally privileged.
  • Reports of serious untoward incidents will routinely be taken in private sessions. Minutes of private Board meetings held will not be published.
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