Our Trust is part of the health and care partnership for Bradford district and Craven that ‘Act as One’ to  keep people ‘happy, healthy at home’.

The Partnership’s  focus is on preventing ill health as much as possible, creating opportunities to help people stay healthy, well and independent, and tackle inequalities across our communities. We prioritise prevention and early intervention, fostering healthy lifestyles, self-care and nurturing active communities so that people are happier, healthier and more independent.

When people need care and support from our services, our aim is to make it as easy to access, joined-up services, that are designed around their needs, and provided as close to where they live as possible.

We want people to be healthier, happier, and have access to high quality care that is clinically, operationally and financially stable. We want people to be as safe as possible when accessing care, whilst ensuring that we make the best use of our resources that are funded by our communities,  as taxpayers.

See the Bradford and District Health and Care Partnership website for more details including our priorities, working on your behalf.


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